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    William Walker

    Hey everyone. My name is Bill Walker (wysetech). I am a 67 yo Automotive Technician from Hamilton Ontario Canada. I am semi retired now but i still love getting my hands dirty. I’m married with 2 children (Jenifer and Daniel) and 2 grand children.

    I had a love for cars since i was old enough to understand. My dad and bros were car race fans and i helped them tinker with their daily drivers. I dismantled and reassembled everything i could get my hands on, sometimes those things even worked after.
    When i was about 17 i pumped gas and did minor repairs at a small automotive business. The 2 bros i worked for were race car drivers. I learned everything i could about cars, race cars and one hell of a lot about life.

    After i left there i went to another small Automotive business where i began my apprenticeship. After 5 years of school and work i became a licensed technician (a requirement in Canada for some services) My hobby was race cars and i began to build racing engines in my spare time as well as engine tuner and anything else that needed to be done.

    I left there and went to a tire chain shop where i was the driveability tech. I worked very hard and gained a reputation for quality workmanship.
    After 6 years i was burned out. The tire chain packed up and left Canada but franchised a few stores. I worked at a couple of small repair shops after until i was approached to convert cars and trucks to run on natural gas and propane. Seeing this as a new challenge i went through training at the local college and began a new career. I was so amazed watching a car come in running on gasoline and drive away running on a gaseous fuel. I had to custom design my own fuel systems from parts provided, wire it, make sure the electronics were compatible with the onboard electronics and dyno test it before it left the shop. I really enjoyed that job. The whole deal was a fad and after 11 years i returned to general automotive repair.

    I worked at a very professionally run high tech automotive center on flat rate pay. I was getting older and the years of punishment of working on cars was taking it’s toll. My back was done my shoulders were all torn up and arthritis was slowly taking over my fingers.
    Since i was slowing down i was barely making a living and eventually i was forced to leave. I went to a MoM and PoP business where i worked and still work today when they need me.
    Joining this forum might give me the chance to give back and help someone who needs a little guidance.

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