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    Will Robinson

    Most of you may know me from YouTube and others well im not sure, but would love to hear about it either way ?

    here’s my short story, I was born and raised in upstate NY. Family of 5 had a great childhood to say the least my Dad being a Master mechanic intrigued me from an early age as i envision most of us do looking up to our parents, i recall many days when off from school being left with a few choices either i sit in the car, walk around the dealership, watch my dad (Herb) and other techs in the service bay. on my lucky days my brother John would be their as well with me. times were different back then, wasn’t uncommon to bring your kids to work, well at least it didn’t seem to be. you can say that is where my visions began. i close my eyes and go back often

    fast forward a few years, my Dad opened his own repair shop J&H Automotive along with a partner Jim. with the support of my mom and us kids. that’s when i started gaining knowledge, on the job training put me years above others my age, them other tech kids ha who’s that guy! i was walking tall had the basics down feeling the pride when others twice my age maybe 3 or 4 times would ask me questions and visit the shop. if you ever felt this you will know the feeling. my future seemed bright i planed to live out my life there. what more could i ask for. my loving mom (Marry) in the office along with my sister (Peggy sue) My Dad jimmy brother and I in the shop. along with other techs that passed through the years.

    Through the years unfortunately like many relationships My father and jimmy grew apart and split ties, out of that transition came Robinson & Sons Auto, say that loud and proud 🙂 i do. i was committed! pay or no pay this was going to work!! still young at this point the only contributions i could offer was my wiliness to learn and show up everyday, very long days most times. some days spent alone when my Dad would be out on the road towing, as for my brother, well the long days little pay started getting the best of him and he began slipping away. looking back i can understand but at the time i was left feeling hopeless overwhelmed most days, we were falling apart at the seems while trying to maintain a good image. it was tight some months i wont lie but we somehow kept the doors open.
    a few years later when the lease was up the land owner put the building up for sale prime location, i recall my Dad coming in the shop saying there is no way!there’s an offer on the building and we cant match it.

    need i say more.that was the end of the road as i knew it, i left that shop leaving a big part of me behind. they tore that old shop down and built a new convenience store. people these days most likely have no clue when they walk, there walking on a kids dream. i cant dwell on this to long. still gets me

    since that day i had a goal. i will do whatever i had to and get what we once had back, i worked many lines of work since then while rebuilding that kids dream on the side, its been a long road and im closer and wiser than ever, it would take a army this time around to take what i built.

    i thank you for Supporting me.

    Robinson’s Automotive Specialist LLC.

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