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    Corey Solomon

    My name is corey solomon iam from San Bernardino CA.l accidentally ran across your website william i saw one video and i was hook out of all the videos I’ve seen on YouTube from scanner danner south main auto to eric the car guy and many more your videos by far are way better let me explain the reason why is the guys they joke have fun go on to other stuff some even will lose your attention because they go on and on about a subject that it makes you lose your attention towards the video. But you william you get to the point you break the videos down so that we can understand them you take time you don’t rush things and speak slowly enough that we can understand whats going on and learn something i love your videos I’ve been working on cars since i was 15 i learn by hands on then when i got out of high school i went to Lincoln tech. But the sad part i didn’t finsh i learn alot by being there tho as i move on i continued to service cars throughout my life good at it too but i realize that i was only good at changing parts i needed to work on my diagnostic skills so started about a year ago self teaching myself about diagnostic through you tube videos and books i’ve learn a lot in a short period of time you got remember that i had training and i knew the basics far as diagnostic but as i have ran across you and your videos and website its by far the best learning experience I’ve had in month or so iam about to open my own business flipping cars and servicing them for my customers i just want to say thank you keep the videos coming your friend Corey Solomon .



    Corey, thank you so much for the kind words and positive feedback. Means the word honestly,life has thrown many curve balls over the years and somehow I was able to simplify even the greatest challenges. Meaning I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed 😁 however giving some time I could figure it out. it’s been many of these experiences that have opened my eyes to others exactly like me. I see the simplest tasks often over analyzed. I’m far from the best teacher however I truly feel if I can explain things in a way that makes sense to me other would understand sooner. This came to me many years ago however being young around lots of mechanics it just fell by the waste side. when I finally ventured on my own I quickly turned back on those beliefs and have since used that Moto to define me and my channel, made myself that promise many years ago; I will do as many re-takes as I need till it makes sense to me. Then at that point I share with the world 😊 👍 I’m happy to here the efforts are recognized

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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