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    I have a Focus 2.0 Split port SOHC with 72K, unknowingly I had rough idle, stalling and when I put into google, I read about dropped seat valves. I have asked everyone for a possible referal to ask question. There are self-mechanics who take off the cam head and order remanufactured head with AREA seat valves and replace it to make the engine run longer. There are various youtube states the problem may start @ 80K, others start at various mileage over 100K. Is this procedure worth saving the engine..I own the car. I prefer not to have car payments. If you have had experience with this can you give me an unbiased opinion. Thanks for any information.



    Thank you for joining the forum and being my first post on this revised site/forum! Fantastic! Ok with that said

    I would perform a compression check on each cylinder, if you need help I can step you through the process.

    Compare each cylinder, you will know instantly what one is has a issue if that is indeed your case

    This is a very similar job to the 1.9L you can find that here in the video section under engine.

    I have seen the upper piston ring landing get damaged from a dropped seat, as in the case you will find here. depends on the damage. You will need to avaluate this, I have performed this jop with higher millage. It’s the biggest downfall of this engine. The 1.9L demonstration I have up is still going strong today with over 200,000+ total miles. It depends how deep you are willing to dig. I’m located in PA. Can offer the service, or I’m happy to help in any way

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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