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    My ’97 Suburban (5.7 Vortec) leaks coolant. I’ve been chasing down all the YT video suggestions and fixes I can find to no avail. The leak is at the rear of the engine on the passenger side and drops off the starter. I put it up on the lift and looked (while running) expecting to see something coming from the intake manifold but didn’t! I didn’t see any coolant on the floor until I shut the motor off and then it seemed to start then. I’m running out of ideas…

    The truck has 220k miles on it and the only major work Ive done so far is a torque converter and the spider injectors. I wish I knew about the “lower” manifold history while I had all the space made for the upper intake job!

    Due to miles and age I have all the parts for the front end of the motor (water pump, timing chain, cover, tensioner, idler pulley and belt for a while now but this leak just moved to the top of the list.

    Any suggestions?



    Hey Keith welcome, as you mentioned I would highly suspect the lower intake manifold, that right about where they leak down everytime



    Thanks for the reply. Is it bad that I hope it is the lower intake and not a freeze plug? I’ve been planning on doing the water pump, timing cover (leaks) and fix a power steering hose for a while now and now it looks like I’ll be doing a whole lot more while I have it torn down. I remember in one of your videos (I think) you replaced the timing cover and mentioned having to do something with the oil pan. Am I going to have to mess with that? I’ve watched other videos on the timing cover and no one has ever mentioned it. Should I replace the timing chain and gear just because it’s torn down that far? 220k miles on this motor makes me think I should…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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