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    Frank Morton

    I’m trying to rebuild an AX-15 transmission, following the videos, but I apparently have a black hole in my shop that swallows small parts. Where can I go to get parts I need? Specifically the detente pin for the thrust bearing on the main shaft and snap clips (the little ones that fly away from home when released)?


    Will Robinson

    Good morning frank, I’m not sure if the data I have will cover clip sizes and or pin. Hmmm do you have any clips of the same size that you can match up to new? I’m sure the clips can be found either at a hardware store or parts store. They most likely have a assortment. As for the pin man, other than used or dealer I’m not aware. I will dig deeper


    Frank Morton

    It took a while but I found this site:
    A fella on a forum also found this site :,-rails,-shafts.aspx

    Hope this will help someone else down the road.



    Nice! Thanks for sharing

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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